MacCare 1.0.0

MacCare is a professional software designed for the security and optimization of Mac OS X.

Clean, optimize and protect your Mac OS X & Speed your iOS devices up.

MacCare scans every file on Mac to clean junk files, check security status and detect virus in one click. It is an excellent helper to fully take care of your Mac as well as iOS devices for better performance.

Fully Detect 8 Types of Junks

MacCare is so familiar with Mac OS X that crawling to everywhere easily to detect 8 types of junk files with its Mac Clean module, such as log and cache files, language packages and more, which take up much spaces and slow down Mac performance. This all come about because of its high-efficiency scanning engine.

Perfectly Clean All Unneeded Files

MacCare would never let any junk slip away. Of course, it is able to correctly identify which file is 100% safe to delete. Just click “Clean” button and then give it all to MacCare for regaining considerable disk space and quickening Macintosh.

Smartly Uninstall Application and Plug-in

Dragging an application to trash is not enough to clean fully for many residual files still lays somewhere. MacCare can keep track of all Apps on your Mac, and sweep off one you needn’t completely, including the leftover files go along with it. One more feature of MacCare’s Uninstall module is managing plugins and extensions for Safari and other applications in one place.

Kindly Protect Mac from Security Risks

When it comes to check Mac OS X security status, MacCare will give you a hand to detect potential security risks like virus and diagnose the security level with Home module. And MacCare will offer you the relevant solution of repairing.

Constantly Monitor Net & Momentarily Release RAM

What’s amazing is the “Small Windmill” floating on the desktop to let you keep up date with your Mac performance. You can access the RAM, CPU and Net usages. Plus, rotating the Windmill Genius to release some RAM immediately.

Easily Derive More Hardware Information

Competent MacCare offers battery usage information, both for Mac and Bluetooth-connected devices, in Hardware module. And you can grasp hardware parameters- processor, memory, graphics and guarantee in Overview.

Rapidly Free Up iOS Device Spaces

Versatile MacCare is also good at freeing up iOS devices spaces.No need to worry that storage is insufficient to add a new movie, or your app sticks suddenly!

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MacCare 1.0.0

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